As soon as you are in possession of your provisional licence you can start with the practical education of how to drive a car. It is recommended to first take lessons with a driving teacher before you continue practicing in private with a friend or a parent. Once you know how to control and steer a car you can hit the road. Start in rather quiet quarters and continue onto main roads and then country roads.

How many driving lessons one will need is very individual and dependable on the student itself. I had a student who only took 6 driving classes and successfully passed the driving test at once, another needed 43 lessons. I always encourage my students to practice a lot in their free time but it is important to follow the instructions given during driving lessons. Ask your parents, friends, maybe even your neighbour if they could accompany you – in the end it is money you can save.

I recommend to not book more than a double lesson per week. The reason is of didactic nature. You shall have the possibility and time to process, repeat and automate what you have learned. In case you require more than just a lesson per week I recommend you to book a double lesson.

I offer driving classes with an automatic transmission only. If you wish to also learn how to drive manually you can contact my partner Roger Wismer.

Fahrstunden im Audi bei Willi Rosbach

Advantage of driving automatic to manual cars

Advantage of driving automatic to manual cars